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Advanced Technology

We incorporate cutting-edge technology for precise and effective treatments, including digital radiography, intraoral cameras, and laser dentistry.

3d Intra Oral Scanner

Our advanced 3D intraoral scanner captures highly-detailed images of your mouth, allowing for accurate treatment planning and better patient outcomes.


We use advanced Orthopantomography (OPG) to create panoramic X-rays of your teeth and jaw, enabling us to diagnose issues and plan treatments with greater accuracy.

Automatic Shade Guide

Our automatic shade guide ensures precise color matching for dental restorations, resulting in a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Painless Local Aneasthesia

We use modern techniques for painless local anesthesia, ensuring that our patients are comfortable and relaxed during their procedures.

Intra Oral Camera

Designed to allow clinicians to capture and display digital images from inside a patient’s mouth, intraoral cameras are a valuable tool for patient education and case documentation. Shaped like a small wand, many dental intraoral cameras are highly portable and easily connect to a computer wirelessly, via USB or via a docking station. Most commonly equipped with LEDs, these digital cameras can capture images without the need for external lighting. Patients do not always accept treatment they cannot understand, but an intraoral camera allows them to see what you see. A problem such as a fractured tooth can be easier to spot and impossible to ignore when it is magnified on a computer monitor or TV screen. While designed for intraoral imaging, some cameras also can capture extraoral full face images for patient records.

Rvg & Xray

This is an advanced hand held Xray which is used to detect extent of the decay, examine peri apical region and abnormalities of the root structure commonly used in dentistry to take intraoral periapical radiographs features the latest innovations in digital radiography, delivering the highest image resolution components. The radiation dosage will be extremely lesser than the larger X-ray generator machines. The results are faster and better with no loss in image quality.


The BIO LASE EPIC X is a powerful dental laser that offers fast, precise, and comfortable treatments. Its compact and intuitive design makes it easy to use for a wide range of procedures, including whitening, gum contouring, and more. Experience the future of dentistry with the BIO LASE EPIC X.


Ultrasonic technology is a cutting-edge solution for dental cleaning and treatment. It uses high-frequency sound waves to gently and effectively remove plaque, tartar, and other debris from teeth and gums. With ultrasonic technology, dental procedures are faster, more comfortable, and more precise than ever before.

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